You can knit a “time gauge swatch” for your project to get an estimate of how long it will take you – in actual knitting time – to complete it.

Have you ever found a pattern you really wanted to make, but when you looked at the description you realized it required an unfamiliar technique… so you didn’t go for it?

Knitting isn’t a winter sport. When the calendar marches toward spring, I immediately gravitate to lightweight yarns and transitional projects […]

Sweater knitters, pull up a chair and prepare to hear a familiar tale. My vision for this design was long […]

Have you ever looked at a pattern and struggled to make sense of the ease, or had questions about choosing […]

If you knit sweaters, you’ve likely needed a button or two. Or fourteen. After the time and investment of knitting […]

This is a public service announcement: There is yarn in my house. Not just yarn, but visible yarn. It’s where […]

Knitters! We sure love our sweaters, but there are five mistakes I see over and over when I meet with […]

Sarah Keller from Knot Another Hat sure knows how to have a party. She’s the woman behind the Columbia Gorge Fiber […]

Do you ever wonder how a design comes to be? about the various design elements? The design process can be […]

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