How to Pick the Right Circular Needle Length

Have you ever sat down to start a new project and wondered which length your circular needle should be? Sure, sometimes the pattern gives you this information… but what if it doesn’t? It’s super easy to determine which length circular needle will give you the best results. Use this handy checklist: When knitting in the […]

Fix a Sweater That Slides Off

As an avid knitter of top-down, seamless sweaters, I am acutely aware of their virtues, but also their vulnerabilities. The very thing that makes a seamless sweater so delightful (i.e. no seams) can be its Achilles heel. Seams provide structure and longevity to the shape of a sweater. But you know me – you know […]

Swapping out the SSK

How do you all feel about the SSK stitch (slip, slip, knit)? While it certainly serves a purpose for creating direction with your decreases, it can sometimes feel a little clunky. The photo above is a portion of the stitch design in my pattern Washed Ashore; It’s a modern lace design that relies heavily on […]