How to Sew A Shoulder Seam

Oh golly, do I love a seamless sweater. I love seamless sweaters like I love nachos – with a whole heart. But there are moments when a shoulder seam comes in handy, and with patterns like my Zipline (Rhinebeck sweater!) – you’ll want something easy breezy. (Also – if you need help with those yarn […]

How to Block a Sweater

Twenty years ago I knit my first adult sweater. It was a vision in moss stitch, knit in classic, undyed wool. The word “heirloom” hung in the air. But when it was finished I noticed it pulled terribly on the bias, and every time I stretched it where I wanted it, it bounced back into […]

Stria Cardigan Tutorial DSSFL, SSBKR

Are you confused about the striated slip stitch pattern on Stria? This photo tutorial will show you the simplest way to work the stitches. DSSFL Step One: Drop slipped stitch to front. You can do this with a cable needle, but Kenzie (the yarn recommended for Stria) holds itself quite well and this can be […]