Dear Olive: How to Measure Gauge in Pattern

womans hands with measuring tape on a yellow garment

Dear Olive, I struggle with gauge, but especially measuring gauge in pattern – is it really necessary? Sincerely, Swatch-Shy __________ Dear Swatch-Shy, Ah gauge, my favorite topic! Thanks for asking. There are really only two reasons a handknit garment doesn’t fit: 1) Choosing the incorrect size, or 2) Not getting gauge. It really is that […]

An Egg Carton Full of Yarn

If I’d known how cute these balls of Happy Cotton would be, I would have bought a dozen and put them in an egg carton. Just for funsies.  But I only needed three.  These sweet nuggets of fiber joy were part of my very last yarn order for 2020. I knew what I was about […]

You’ll Thank Me Later

If you’ve ever left yourself a problem to deal with later, this post is for you. A button band that needs to be picked-up A sweater that needs to be blocked Ends that need to be woven in A hank of laceweight mohair that got tangled to oblivion A pile of unsorted knitting needles You […]

A Year Without Yarn

There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you.  As I write this it’s January 1st, 2021. I love New Year’s more than any other day of the year. But this one feels like a life raft, kept out of reach for so long that we almost drowned. But we’re finally here. And now that we […]

Knitting, like sourdough, takes a village

person holding a loaf of sourdough bread wrapped in a blue towel

Pour yourself a cuppa and have a seat; I’m going to tell you a story about bread and knitting.  I first learned about yeast breads from Mrs. Dueringer in 4H. I was nine years old; it was the year my littlest sister was born (a very good year). Mrs. D taught me about proofing the […]

What to Knit When the World is Falling Apart

I always said that I would knit my way through the apocalypse, and – as it turns out – I was right. Knitting is soothing, practical, portable and … well, it’s not a bad way to stay busy while the world is falling apart. Knitting is like pacing the floor with your head in your […]